Saturday, September 27, 2014

October Laundry List

First, a check-in from September:

1. Make ginger-peach jam and start basil vinegar this weekend. DONE! I got a funnel to get the vinegar back in its original bottle. I still need a local source for clear glass bottles. The ginger-peach jam? Abso-freaking-lutely awesome.  

2. Finish beret and start scarf to match. DONE! Except for weaving in a few more yarn tails. I spent almost the entire hour at the older kid's karate class last night working on this! Next project, I'll remember to weave as I go..
3. Finish scrappy rose-pink quilt. DONE! I'm still contemplating some straight-line quilting in the border.

4. Work on blue-yellow quilt. Nope.
5. Work on red-white-black quilt. Nope.
6. Start applique quilt. STARTED! About 5 blocks done, if I count the one that's more blue background than green background.

7. Make bib and burp cloths this weekend for upcoming baby shower. [The bib will be a test for a fair entry - I have the pattern drawn up but haven't made one yet.] Burp cloths are done! I still need to make the bibs.

8. Get back to menu planning. DONE. Even if I don't follow it all the time, it helps keep me on track.

9. Spend at least 5 minutes EVERY DAY going through crafty stuff. NOPE! Maybe a couple of days this got done.

10. Start t-shirt quilt. DONE
11. Keep working on hooked rug. DONE
12. Stay off computer games. I've managed this the past week, and have been able to get lots more done. I was ok at this for a couple of weeks, but back-slid this past week :(   I just need to get back on that horse again. I've managed for two days ~ and it's all just one day at a time, right?

Now - what's next?

The dirty dozen - some continued, some new. And I'm not counting the baby blanket-let that I'm quilting today so I get a UFO finish before the end of the quarter.

1. Finish crocheted baby blanket. This is ambitious - but it may be doable. We'll see. And I'm weaving in thread ends as I go :)

2. Work on blue-yellow quilt.

3. Work on red-white-black quilt.

4. Work on applique quilt.

5. Make bibs. I either need to find the pattern I made, or re-make it from the drawing in my idea book.

6. Continue menu planning.

7. Spend at least 5 minutes EVERY DAY going through crafty stuff.

8. Finish t-shirt quilt. It's almost completely put together; I found another t-shirt that will work better than one of the squares that's already done, so I need to replace it. 

9. Keep working on hooked rug. 

10. Find the orange fabric I need to finish the galaxy wallhanging.

11. Chart the Lovely Daughter's sorority letters for a needlepoint pillow.

12. Stay off computer games. 

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Design Originals by KC said...

Michele, Love your "dirty dozen" list.. and love all you got accomplished from a long list last month too... I don't see how you do all you do! Thanks for linking up with me busy bee !!! Kathi

Jill said...

Oh. I like your list and what you have 'done' and what you are working on. Honestly, I have gotten hooked on one game and I said I never would. Lol.

Deb A said...

Looks like you did great in September. I agree - the computer and games are very distracting. I need to keep off there more too.