Saturday, September 20, 2014

Laundry list check-in

It's been a couple week since my last check-in, so...

1. Make ginger-peach jam and start basil vinegar this weekend. DONE! I got a funnel to get the vinegar back in its original bottle. I still need a local source for clear glass bottles.
2. Finish beret and start scarf to match. DONE! I'm almost to the point of running out of one of the scarf yarns, at which point it will be finished.
3. Finish scrappy rose-pink quilt. DONE! I'm still contemplating some straight-line quilting in the border.

4. Work on blue-yellow quilt. Nope.
5. Work on red-white-black quilt. Nope.
6. Start applique quilt. STARTED! About 5 blocks done, if I count the one that's more blue background than green background.

7. Make bib and burp cloths this weekend for upcoming baby shower. [The bib will be a test for a fair entry - I have the pattern drawn up but haven't made one yet.] Burp cloths are done! I still need to make the bibs.

8. Get back to menu planning. DONE. Even if I don't follow it all the time, it helps keep me on track.

9. Spend at least 5 minutes EVERY DAY going through crafty stuff. NOPE! Maybe a couple of days this got done.

10. Start t-shirt quilt. DONE
11. Keep working on hooked rug. DONE
12. Stay off computer games. I've managed this the past week, and have been able to get lots more done. I was ok at this for a couple of weeks, but back-slid this past week :(   I just need to get back on that horse again.

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