Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 Stash Report Week 37

Yards in: 0
Yards out: 2.65
Cumulative yards in: 30.4
Cumulative yards out: 26.0
Net gain/loss: 4.4 GAINED

Spending since last post: $2.11
Spending this year: $293.06

Scrappy girly quilt, 34 x 44. Not a UFO, just a yen to sew :) 2.35 yards busted, by my math.

I used a striped fabric that had been in my stash for a LONG time - I think it was inherited from my Memaw.

Prairie points - I'm still thinking about doing some straight-line quilting in that solid pink border.

Kitty pillow done - 0.3 yards busted.

I used a tone-on-tone cat print to make the box, since I was using biggish scraps of a black twill and didn't think I would be able to get a long strip out of the twill.

My only crafty spending [for me ~ I bought TMOTH a woodburner for his birthday] was some cream yarn from the thrift store [for Groot's pot at some point] - $2.11 total.

I also started working on a t-shirt quilt from my mom's nature t-shirts. That won't bust as much stash as you'd think - the t-shirts never got counted as "stash" - but I'll have a back and sashing to count.

I'd have more done if I hadn't worked outside today, but it was slap-dab gorgeous out, and the patio needed weeding :)

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Unknown said...

I love the pillow, I will use that Idea. Your stripes must have been witing on that quiklt!Love from Amsterdam.