Friday, October 04, 2013

My furlough week, so far

After shut-down on Tuesday morning, I started working on a double Irish chain quilt. I really just needed something almost completely mindless.

I had a bunch of 2.5 inch pink squares in a bag'o'squares I'd bought at the white elephant sale at a local quilt show a couple of years ago. I found a big piece of floral that was bundled with some flannel as a backing, but I decided that backing wouldn't go with that quilt all that well. So it became the major part of the top. The Lovely Daughter told me I should use teal/turquoise with the pink and cream, so I pulled a chunk out of the stash.

 photo 001_zps02caa6f9.jpg

Entire top:
  photo 001_zpsdf6bd030.jpg

Close-up of the border:

 photo 002_zps9fd53313.jpg

Again, all from stash. A pink that's a little darker than most of the ones in the top, and a butterfly print that's a little more green but still has some blue tones in it, and works with the rest of the top. I have a darker tan/brown batik that I think will give me enough for the binding.

Today I need to clean and oil my machine for the sit-and-sew tomorrow, and make sure I'm taking all that I need for a day of sewing - this time with friends!

Linking to Nina's Off-the-Wall Friday even though this is about as NON-art-quilty as it gets :) Hoping it will help get my mojo back.

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Diana said...

A beautiful quilt Michele, love the colors and pattern.