Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quilty furlough activities

First, another machine to clean. This is a Singer 15-91 that is simply awesome for free motion quilting. But it had been neglected for a while.
 photo 005_zps37181f61.jpg

Quilt under the needle:
 photo 004_zps04be2b1f.jpg

Cotton had to help quilt:
 photo 006_zpsf0c22807.jpg

I had a large-scale black and white print (what on EARTH was I thinking ?!?) that worked really well for binding:
 photo 013_zpsbc26814d.jpg

Binding and backing:
 photo 011_zps37cba876.jpg

Ralph had to help bind:
 photo 010_zps7102957c.jpg

Finished quilt, busted stash! 68 x 73 starry quilt for my Lovely Daughter's BFF. Total yardage busted is 6.7 yards by my calculation. That'll cancel out the 2.5 yards of the black floral I bought to finish the top and then some. A little blurry :(
 photo 012_zps31524636.jpg

I also started working on an OLD UFO. My grandmother and I found these flannel blocks in a thrift store at some point. She passed away in 1988, so I've had them a while.

You can see how very wonky they are - hand-sewed strips of flannel:
 photo 001_zps28e2482e.jpg

I'm trimming the unsewn sides to "square", and then sewing the hand-sewn sides with generous seam allowances:
 photo 002_zpsfa2a9b8b.jpg

Final blocks will be trimmed to squares once they're completely surrounded by flannel - blue and beige.
 photo 003_zps5c502f06.jpg

I also bought tickets for the Van Gogh exhibit at the Phillips tomorrow ~ we'll take the Lovely Daughter and head off on the Metro once both boys are off to school.

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