Sunday, October 20, 2013

2013 Stash Report Week 42

I somehow got off a week in the numbering from missing some weeks, but should be back on track now.

We FINALLY got to go back to work on Thursday, but I got a lot done before then (and after then, as well).

I finished my daughter's BFF's graduation quilt:
 photo 012_zps31524636.jpg

6.7 yards OUT!

I also made a grim reaper robe for Halloween for the Small Man. I bought 2 yards of costume satin for the body, but found some polyester gabardine for the sleeves and hood in the stash. Probably 0.5 yards used of the gabardine, and 1.7 yards of the satin.

The Karate Kid wanted a Russian fur hat (Ushanka). I used this link as a starting point:

I made a prototype of a nice wool blend herringbone lined with cream fleece with a circular crown, but he thought it was "too square." The next model (not yet finished) is a velvety black, with triangular darts and then an x-shaped seam in the crown. That one passed muster. The final version (for the costume) is a soft brown fake fur, lined with a brown Kona cotton. It just needs a red star and some gold braid to make it more Russian-looking. Estimates for the two hats that were finished are about 0.6 yards each.

Yards in this week: 2
Yards out this week: 10.1
Cumulative yards in: 13.3
Cumulative yards out: 42.5
Net gain/loss: 29.2 USED

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