Friday, May 03, 2013

April progress report

1. finish 13 projects - I finished a UFO for the show, Laura's Cats; a different challenge quilt; and made a beret for my Small Man. That brings my total to eight. I've started working again on a graduation quilt for The Lovely Daughter's BFF and my 30s/40s colonial ladies quilt. And I bought some kanzashi flower makers at the show and plan to work on some actual little things to sell at next year's show.
2. Spend 13 minutes a day sewing - Most days - lots of motivation with the show!
3. 2013 in 2013:  In April, only 24 pieces of "stuff" left the house. That brings my total to 578. I really need to pitch some stuff to neaten up to get ready for visitors for graduation at the end of the month.
4. Keep track of what I'm doing by starting blogging again - I feel much more productive when I have a record of what I've done. Not a great month at this.

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