Sunday, May 12, 2013

2013 Stash Report Week 19

Yards in this week: 0
Yards out this week: 0.2
Cumulative yards in: 2
Cumulative yards out: 27.2
Net gain/loss: 25.2 USED

The out numbers are a guess over the past two weeks, for trimmings that went in the trash can working on a quilt for the Lovely Daughter's BFF. I thought about buying fabric this weekend - 15% off coupon to Jo-Ann's - but did other stuff instead.

And in happy news, TMOTH lost his glasses! That's not so much the good news, although he found them, but he ALSO found my camera while he was hunting for the glasses.

 photo 043-4_zps6f993a0f.jpg

I've gotten quite a few stars done and have started fitting them together. TLD saw what I've gotten done and commented: "The blocks aren't the same size!" I said - "No." and she just smiled. Not a fan of symmetry, that one.


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