Sunday, January 13, 2013


I'm a list-maker, not so much a list crosser-offer. Here's an example ~ I came up with this list sometime last week of things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend.
- Find blue fabric for Lauras quilt (I found one piece and put it in the hamper to be washed. And I think I know where some more is.)
- Bring down bins of Lois fabric (Apparently I thought I put this in the attic. Well, no. I found one bin in the playroom, and I think there's another bin in the dining room.)
- Work on Joe's quilt (no)
- Find binding for Joe's quilt (I found some - not sure it will be enough and may have to find more)
- Start working on Elizabeth's quilt (I started pulling the pink and turquoise, so that counts, right?)
- Keep up with time commitments to the house (done)
- Sort seeds (no)
- Clear out space in basement for seed starting (no)
- Check if there is space in playroom for pegboard (no)
- Clear dining room table (good start made, but not yet clear)

Of course, I also managed to get lots of stuff done that *wasn't* on the list.

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