Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 Stash Report Week 3

Yards in this week: 2
Yards out this week: 13.0
Cumulative yards in: 2
Cumulative yards out: 13.1
Net gain/loss: 11.1 USED

Yay me!

First there was the heating pad cover, which used up a yard.

Then I bought two yards of blue at the LQS, needed for a border for The Lovely Daughter's cat quilt. I'm hoping to get borders on, a back pieced, and get it layered and basted this weekend. (It's a long weekend, so there's a chance!) Even though I needed (OK, wanted) another blue for the border - I'd searched my stash and didn't have enough of any blue that TLD would have approved of for the border - I didn't like that it would've put me in the hole for usage. I want to come out in the red this year!

DH's quilt was next on my finish-that-UFO list, though. The 15-91 was whining a bit that last time I tried to use it, so last weekend I oiled the heck out of it and let it sit. Yesterday, it was perfectly happy and I finished up a surprisingly small amount of quilting (with NO tension issues, yay!), cut the binding and sewed it on, and finished hand-sewing the binding last night! LOTS of yardage gets used with foundation piecing :)


Lori said...

A 15-91 rarely leaves you in a lurch! Hope the viruses are all gone. Had a blast reading your food blog.

DeeDee said...

There are so many shades of blue and finding the right one can be tough. Sounds like you have some quilts that will help get your numbers back into the black.

JustCallMeElle said...

Loving your blog posts. Will you be at the guild sit and sew in Feb?

My goals this year are similar to last - complete 5 quilts before starting a new one. (harder than I thought)

And I will give up buying any fiber (fabric, yarn, etc) for Lent, even tho I am not Catholic. I find it to be an excellent test of my resolve. My only forgiven buys will be if I go to a quilt show with vendors, or if I find I need to make a quilt gift during that time (and I cannot find all that I need out of the stash). In the past I have done pretty good on this one.

Michele said...

I'll be at the Sit-N-Sew in both Feb and March on the Wednesday dates ~ it's actually easier for me to take leave from work than to get off Saturday chauffeur duties with the kids!