Saturday, January 19, 2013

A finish!

This is a quilt for TMOTH. He got some of the blocks in a box for Christmas 2011. Please excuse the poor photos - I have the cheapest camera on the planet right now. I do have a good camera somewhere in the house; I just have to find it. Anyway, the quilt:


And part of the back, with a meander:


It's six feet square, so a lot of yardage out of the stash.
Back: 3.3 yards
Foundation: 3.3 yards
Pieced top: 4.9 (this is a guess, based on an average strip width of ~1 inch.
Binding: 0.5 yards

Grand total: 12 yards

It'll get used - our house is old and drafty, and since it costs a fortune to heat it, it stays fairly cool in winter. This is the Small Man napping this past week - it was virus week at our house:


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