Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow dyeing - the major event

I didn't take any photos of the kids outside squirting dye on the buckets. Too busy refilling the bottles we used up. And taking care of the daughter that was throwing up. Yay.

The bins are now thawing in my bathroom. Everybody got a t-shirt and a piece of fabric, soaked and left out to freeze overnight. We packed the snow on this morning and squirted away. TMOTH decided to try it with a red t-shirt we had hanging about the house - we'll see how that works :)

Bathtub full of the experiment:

Small Man's effort on top - he had to use ALL the colors:

This is the t-shirt from yesterday - pretty cool!

1 comment:

Khris said...

Well how cool is that...hehehe
And very interesting...would love to see pics of you all wearing them.
Hugs Khris