Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cosmetically challenged

That's how my poor little Featherweight was referred to today in my Featherweight class. It was a basic class in cleaning, oiling, etc., and really wasn't anything more than I'd already figured out from the manual. It was helpful to know that there wasn't anything else I needed to know, though, know what I mean? The instructor also said I might need some rewiring in a year or so, but I'm OK for now.

It was, however, annoying that they delayed the class for an hour to hold a makeup class for something else, and the shop didn't bother to let anyone know.

Oh, and the stupid car polish we were supposed to bring spilled all over one of my bags. And it didn't even work on my machine!

I still have to finish up the challenge quilt tonight. It's a big hot mess, but I WILL get the damn thing finished.

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Ellen in MD said...

Hi, Michele,
If you took the FW class I am thinking of, it's a good class. :-)
So did you get your challenge piece finished? I always enjoy the anticipation of getting to see them all at the show, seeing who got selected to go to AQS, seeing whose quilt got the choice spot of first to be seen walking into the room. Ooohing and Aaahing.
- Ellen