Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow dyeing - the beginning

So, all the beautiful photos of snow dyes have turned my head.

I didn't fall all the way - still no "official" dyes on the shelf, just a tie-dye kit from the craft store.

AND, since the other members of my family aren't particularly into fabric, I bought t-shirts as well as 2 yards of 90" bleached muslin, which I cut into 5 pieces. (A cheap experiment. The t-shirts were on sale for $2 each, and the muslin was half price. ) Tonight I soaked them in the soda ash solution and set most of them outside to freeze. Separate bucket or bin for each person; one piece of material in with each t-shirt.

One t-shirt (for me), I couldn't wait:


Yes, that is my toilet. And no, that brown isn't part of the dye, it's some discoloration on the plastic bucket. This is turquoise and green and a little bit of yellow - really really realllllyy old dyes left over from a long-ago tie-dye project. If it doesn't work, I'll just re-soak it in the soda ash and try it again.

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LabMom said...

Excited to see how this comes out. I had never heard of snow dyeing before, but now I'm fascinated. Chances are we won't get anymore snow this year in my neck of the woods.. but if we do I want to give it a shot!