Saturday, February 06, 2010

I do so hate the snow

Yes, it's pretty. And pretty unpleasant as well.

We woke up at ~4 am to no power and a big cedar limb in front of the back door (our back door is our main entrance door). Back to bed, eventually back to sleep, and up at 7 to fight the snow dragon.

Doesn't this downed tree covered in snow look like a snow dragon?

By breaking off some of the smaller limbs and using the lopper on some of the bigger ones (have I mentioned lately how much I love Fiskars in all of its many manifestations), we (that is, TMOTH) were able to throw the trunk off to the side. This would be repeated many times today, and a few more times tomorrow.

The yard, again:
I don't know if you can tell how MUCH more snow there is on it than any of the previous times.

The path out to shovel land. That big lump of snow in the middle of the picture is our Accord.

The roof of our house. The bare spots are where the snow periodically WHOMMPs off the house.

Shoveling. This is TMOTH shoveling; I did my fair share as well.

There will be more shoveling tomorrow. Ick.

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CatQuilter said...

I feel your pain! Hope you're staying warm and cozy despite the ton of snow.