Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scarcity Thinking

Anybody else guilty of this?

I sometimes catch myself "saving" some of my [often really small] scraps of material that I'm cutting into squares for the 9-patch and snowball quilt. Why is this, exactly? Is it some fear that I inherited from my depression-era Memaw, or some silly quirk of my own? I'm consciously trying to overcome this and NOT save something "because I might need it later" - dammit, I can use it NOW.

And why, for the love of God, would anybody print a 2 1/4" repeat? I pulled a piece out of the stash that had stripes of black and white prints. They looked to be about 2.5". Not quiiiite. I guess those squares will be 2.5 x 2.25!

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