Saturday, January 23, 2010

Link Love

An interesting idea - R'Ann over at This That and the Other Thing asked her readers to create lists of some of their favorite blogs - and WHY they're our favorite. On first glance, you would wonder why R'Ann is on my blog list. She's a staunch Catholic, and well, I swing between agnostic and Jimmy Carter Baptist. Her blog is mostly book reviews, and let's just say that our taste in books differs quite a bit :)

Well, she's a W sister, first of all. She and I both attended Mississippi University for Women from 1979-1983 and graduated on time! That's why I *started* reading her blog.

I keep reading because I like hearing her thoughts on the books she reads, why she likes or dislikes them, and her thoughts on modern Catholicism. I should comment more :)

Other favorite blogs include:

Notes from the Voodoo Cafe: You NEVER know what this woman is going to say next. But it's always interesting.

Cre8tive Quilter: Jen is simply amazing. She's the Energizer Bunny of the quilting world.

Quilting in the Valleys: Gina lives and quilts in Wales. She's a consistent reminder to NOT be afraid of color, the brighter the better.

Front Porch Indiana: Someone who keeps chickens AND sheep. Swoon.

Josephus: My husband's blog :)

There are lots more, on my sidebar.


Renee said...

I'm friends with RAnn because we first met on an AOL CAtholic Moms board.. last year I was able to meet her IRL. She's the one responsible for letting us know about the W where my eldest is now a freshman on full scholarship.

CE Webster said...

Thanks for posting your favorite blog list. I will check them out.

RAnn said...

Thanks for the nice comments! I'm amazed sometimes at the blogs I enjoy.

Jen said...

Awwwww!! Thank You!!!!