Friday, February 01, 2008

Too small

Like many of my jeans, Iris is too small...minimum size for the Guild challenge is 30" x 30", and she'll clock in with binding at 21.5" x 33.5". Thanks for all the previous kind comments and suggestions - I may actually finish and bind at the size I like, then whipstitch on a quilted border that I can remove easily after the show. Or, I may just show it in its disqualified state :)

The quilting is going faster than expected - view without so many safety pins but with masking tape here:

I'm handquilting it; I'm using a machine quilting thread because I don't like the stiffness of the handquilting thread. I've got the horizontal rows almost done; I'll then put in vertical rows staggered to look like bricks. Close-up of stitches here:

We started the day with sleet here, so the county delayed school for 2 hours. YAY!! A couple of loads of clothes folded and either put away or delegated to kids, another load washed, a couple of rows of quilting sewn. Kids managed to be in a foul mood despite the 2-hour respite.

The Small Man had his 3-year checkup today. The doc was convinced he had flu or strep, because he was coughing, despite me telling her he was just coughing. The flu and strep tests were negative, of course. It's his birthday tomorrow!! My daughter was complaining because I "only" got him 4 presents, but good Lord, he has millions of toys that the older two have outgrown.

Hancock's is having a Super Bowl Sunday sale this weekend - time to go stock up on thread.

1. A super boss- he loved the carrot cake I made for this birthday party, and his wife wants one for her birthday now.
2. My church-lady cookbooks. I was worried about the carrot cake because of how it looked coming out of the oven, but they didn't let me down!
3. Healthy kids.
4. Peppermint.
5. Wren friends.

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