Sunday, February 10, 2008

Potential tasks for my "day off"

I took the day off so I could ferry kids around to school, etc. while TMOTH has an overnight meeting. This means that I have from about 9:00 am to 3:30 pm to hopefully do something other than play Spider solitaire. The following are possibilities (asterisks are primary):

1. *Borders on Iris. If I get this done, I can pick up some pearl cotton before I get the later pickup kids and work on it tomorrow night. I've decided to do big stitch quilting on black to mimic the black with swirls that was part of the challenge.
2. Painting. I could potentially get the living room finished tomorrow.
3. Wallpaper removal. This has been unfinished for going on 10 years now. Time to git 'er done.
4. *Kit up Laura's quilt and Stephen's quilt. They can go with me to the mini-retreat.
5. *Put away Christmas decorations. They've been put in their boxes; I just need to put the boxes in the attic.
6. General tidying.

1. Being able to take the day off for personal reasons pretty much any time I need to. A lot of people have jobs where they can't, and I never lose sight of just how lucky I am.
2. That my brother and SIL-to-be take wonderful care of my mom. She's pretty independent, but has moved into their house, and everybody seems happy about the situation. I'm also grateful that I could hop on a plane and be in Florida in a couple of hours if necessary.
3. Ice cream sandwiches
4. Leftovers when TMOTH is away.
5. A 12-year-old daughter who's mostly wonderful. She stayed in the living room to keep the dogs happy while I took the boys to bed.
6. Plant City strawberries at the grocery. A taste of home.


Patti said...

Hi Michelle,

I've come to put a comment on your blog because of the comment you left on mine. You are one of the people who come through as "no reply" when you comment. Your email address doesn't show, and if I try to reply to you it comes back as undeliverable because the return address is "".

To change your profile so your email address shows is very simple. Just go to, log in, click "edit profile", then check the box that says "show email address".

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