Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Stash February 23, 2020

Eep. Two weeks since I posted an update.

Spending was for three big spools of thread, a new square ruler, and 2.5 yards of post-Valentine heart fabric to put together my blood donation t-shirt quilt. I've misplaced the receipts, so this week it's an estimate- about $11 for the thread and $28 for the ruler and fabric.

And some finishes! Small ones, but still.

This little non-binary heart for Project Quilting Challenge 3. Two quilted squares of about 6 x 8 went into making the heart, so my math works out to 0.14 yards.

A Christmas ornament for Project Quilting Challenge 4 - total size is 5 x 5, so 0.05 yards.

A challenge for my mini-gorup: 20 x 20. I found some grey in it and will be making another one that has *just* black and white - with one extra color. 0.66 yards used.

I also tossed out some polyester blends this week, about a yard or so. So I'm calling my total yardage out 1.8 yards.

Fabric in:    2.50 yards
Fabric in total: 5.92 yards

Fabric out this week:   1.85 yards
Fabric out total:  3.25 yards

Net: 2.67 yards added

Spending this week:  $39.00

Spending total: $65.61

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