Thursday, April 05, 2018

I like Thursdays - 2018, week #14

Linking up to LeeAnna at  Not Afraid of Color

I like Easter egg hunts. My two teens indulged me in a marathon egg hunt/taekwondo practice this past weekend.

I like spring flowers. Alliums are good because the deer don't eat them.

The bleeding heart is starting to come up. The previous owners planted it - ONE thing at least they did right!! It was one clump at the base of the cedar tree for many years, and then last year it just EXPLODED.

These daffodils were planted just over 14 years ago.

I like our cedar trees. I'm not so happy when one of them succumbs to high winds :(  At least the half-a-tree didn't fall on the house.

I like buzzards. They're such cool birds.

 I like this boy. In the first photo, he's telling me how he doesn't approve of me being around the front of the house where he can't see me. In the second, he has eyes  only for my hotdog.

I like dinners around the firepit. Hot dogs and s'mores, yum.


Angie said...

Oh, how I miss Easter egg hunts ... I am not in a hurry for grandkids, but I will enjoy egg hunts with them when they come!

Bleeding heart plants are so amazing .... I could spend hours looking at those delicate hearts suspended from the stalks!

Ok, how is it you had hot dogs and s'mores and didn't invite us?

Michele McLaughlin said...

Your garden looks like it is really coming to it's own. That is so sad that you lost a tree. The winds here have been awful lately. Have a wonderful week!

Sandy said...

Wow. Glad the tree didn't hurt anyone. The red centre is amazing. Makes you wonder if you could boil it in some way to get a natural dye.

LA Paylor said...

I love easter egg hunts... I would love to look for them one more time at least! When I worked with drop out prevention in Middle school, I would hide something with each child's name on it in the room, and let them seek!
Your pup is so cute... howling for you and for hot dogs

PaintedThread said...

So many downed trees here, too. Your flowers look lovely.

Angie in SoCal said...

Many of seem to be having the same kind of weather. Up and down temps and high winds. Same here. Wish I'd been there for that egg hunt.