Thursday, January 18, 2018

I Like Thursdays 2018, Week #3

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I like crabs. I made this quilt last weekend for a challenge. In terms of eating crabs, I much prefer the Gulf coast recipes. Around here, EVERYTHING is tainted with Old Bay Seasoning. 

I like little extras :)

My middle kid saw a bag at the alpaca festival, but it was too rich for his blood. I told him I'd make him one, since I was pretty sure I could find the fabric -and I did. It's the exploding Tardis.

 SO, he now has a new dice bag.

I like our sycamore. The top branches are full of seed pods that TMOTH keeps waiting on to fall, so he can cast them in to pen blanks.

I like beer! Last weekend, I went to a "Learn to Knit" event at a local brewery, and had a great time!
Casting on:
 Getting started:
Knitting and purling practice:
 I ripped out the practice piece and started a pattern- and soon learned howto frog. Frogging knitting is WAY more complicated than frogging crochet.


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Michelle,
Knitting at a brewery! That is a fabulous idea, and it sounds like great fun. I love Old Bay - I use it in everything - I guess I'd better move to your area. ~smile~ Roseanne

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Pretty quilt finish and nice to see you did do knitting at the brewery!

LA Paylor said...

alpaca's!! Knitting! I'm knitting again right now. Knitting and alcohol are a great combo. Love the tree pic! And the crab. Girl, if you don't want old bay, then it's banned from your house! Do it your way! I grew up in Florida with crabs and no old bay.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Love your crab quilt! I think knitting at the local brewery sounds like a lot of fun! My son plays games and I know he would love that dice bag--even if he is 40 some years old (apparently they don't outgrow it). Have a wonderful day!

PaintedThread said...

You are an awesome mom. That dice bag is to die for!

That crab quilt is really neat. I like the ripples in the fabric - very much like water or sand on the beach!

Sandy said...

wow for the extra fabric! I hope you show what is made with the sycamore pods when they have fallen. Sounds, fascinating.