Thursday, December 07, 2017

I Like Thursday

Happy Thursday, everybody!! Joining up with Not Afraid of Color for I Like Thursday- #66 for LeeAnna, but I'm a new convert.

I like flying geese. I don't particularly like the process of making them, but I *do* like the finished product.

I like cross-stitch- and surprisingly, I like gridding. I've never done it before, but here's a start on a stitch-a-long that I haven't  quite started yet.

This boy. I don't know why he's peeved at me- probably just because I'm taking the photo.

 I like milk glass. They're nice for holding crochet hooks, and the knitting needles I'm collecting so I can eventually learn to knit.

I like this blue pen! It seems to be starting to run dry already, though, so I'll try other brands. But marking my mini-quilt was SO easy!

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Michele McLaughlin said...

I love milk glass too! My mom used to have quite a collection. Your kitty is adorable, even if he is peeved at you :D !!! You have wonderful projects! Have a great week! Cheers!