Thursday, December 28, 2017


Every year, Judy Laquidara hosts a UFO challenge on her blog. You list 12 UFOs you'd like to finish, and each month she posts a number - and you work on that number project in that month. are mine.

1. Crumb blocks. These are set with a kitty playing with yarn fabric. Needs more blocks made and put together.

2. Blue and yellow sampler. The ladies at my evening mini-group helped me past a mental block I had for the sashing, and all I really need to do is set the blocks together and quilt it.

3. Ex-swastika quilt. It's now a zig-zag. Top is together, needs to be quilted.

4. Colonial ladies. Still waffling about sashing on this one - I may take it to the mini-group for inspiration :)

5. Black and white with red 9-patches and snowballs. This one needs more blocks.

6. Olivia panel. Needs to have blocks to be a real quilt.

7.  Teeny tiny HSTs. These are bonus triangles that want to be a mini-quilt.

8. Blood donation t-shirt quilt. I've started cutting up the t-shirts for this one.

9. Frances' mom's blocks. These were a gift; I need to figure out how to finish them.

10. Wholecloth quilt. I count this only as a UFO because it sits in a bag taunting me. This would force me to actually start it.

11. Split 9-patch. I've started setting the blocks together.

12. Orange kid quilt. Some cutting done; fabric is all together in a bag.

And...there are more than 12. These won't be monthly - unless I finish one of the others early and swap them out - and at least one needs to be finished fairly soon!
13. Wedding gift for step-nephew and bride-to-be.
14. Toddler quilt for grand-nephew.
15. Mini-quilt from bonus triangles.
16. GFG. Started in the 80s.
17. Two fall leaf blocks destined for potholders.

18. Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt
19. Snowballs
20. Flannel pinwheels
21. Antique plaid blocks
22. Memaw's  birds in the air
23. Triple Irish chain with stars
24. Snowbirds mini
25. WOTB for Hannah
26. Batik HST quilt
27. Grey with pink stars
28. Mini Double Wedding Ring
29. Christmas quilt from Pineapple Fabrics layer cake
30. Stephen's summer quilt

I may find others and add them- but this is a fair start.

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