Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 stash report Week 52

Yards in: 0
Yards out: 9.2
Cumulative yards in: 69.9
Cumulative yards out:  57.9
Net gain/loss: 12 GAINED

Spending since last post: ~$30?
Spending this year: $515.32

The spending this time is a guess. I'm pretty sure I bought yarn, and I spent $0.75 on some sueded cotton at the thrift store :) And I just spent another $10 or so on notions at the thrift store here in Florida.

Fabric out:
1. Pillowcases!
TARDIS pillowcase for the Karate Kid (with a photobomb from Small Man). :
It's BIG. There's a custom-made pillow form inside :) 25" wide by 52" long; 3.6 yards

Minecraft Creeper pillowcase for the Small Man (made from his Halloween costume!): 22 x 40" long; 1.8 yards

Kitty pillowcase for the Lovely Daughter, 1.3 yd. No photo, but a lovely Laurel Burch pastel.

2. A couple of table-runners for my sister-in-law:
Colors that match a foyer cabinet she has, some vintage fabrics, about 10" x 45",  0.7 yards.

Musical fabric, from a bunch of strips I got for quilt show volunteering a few years ago. Total is about 12" x 60", 1.3 yards.

3. Two FQ for next year's UFO challenge, 0.5 yards.

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