Monday, April 01, 2013

March progress report

Well, March was depressing. It seems as if winter will never end - although today there were reports of sunlight, and it was not as cold as it's been. Nature knows that spring is imminent - we have daffodils blooming away in the yard, and the spring peepers are out at night. Hopefully our wood frogs will return to the "pond" this year as well.

Keeping up with the housework was a dismal flop last month, although I did manage to get rid of 133 items. But this is a new month - one that will hopefully be much warmer and I won't feel the need to hibernate!

1. finish 13 projects - ONE completely done in March; the guild challenge quilt that HAD to be done for turn-in today. That brings my total to five. I should have at least two more finished this month for the show turn-in.
2. Spend 13 minutes a day sewing - I missed a few days here and there, but mostly accomplished this again.
3. 2013 in 2013:  In February, 122 pieces of "stuff" left the house. That brings my total to 554. So I need to pick up the pace a little bit, but I'm not behind - yet.
4. Keep track of what I'm doing by starting blogging again - I feel much more productive when I have a record of what I've done. Posts fell off even more, although this was partly due to more quilting!.

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