Sunday, April 07, 2013

A lovely day

I had such a wonderful day today, I wanted to share.
The day started with the critters letting us sleep in, until some time after 7! For breakfast, I had leftover biscuits, toasted with butter (one of my very favorite things in the entire world). Then I sat down to watch Sunday Morning, and finished sewing the binding on a challenge quilt while I watched.
A little bit of cleaning later, I went out to the shop to ask TMOTH if he wanted pizza for lunch, since I was heating some up for me and the kids. Yes, he did, but more importantly - it was absolutely fabulously gorgeous outside. WARM and SUNNY.
So we ate our pizza outside :) I'd started pruning our boxwoods once I put the pizza in the oven, and after lunch, I pruned them so we could walk through, and scraped/swept the pavers. (As an aside, if the morons who owned our house before us had spend just 5 minutes figuring out how big the plants were going to get, we would not have the Boxwood Problem.) Then spent some time working on the patio, just to keep outside. This is the after picture:

 photo 6af0ed83-3c7d-489b-adee-405f207a19d1_zps6b18e56e.jpg

I put a lot of our seashells into a planter on the patio where I can enjoy them.
 photo 013-10_zps3d55c530.jpg

Cookie did not want his picture taken. At all.

 photo 014-10_zps83ccf702.jpg

Toffee was just sad he had to stay in the house.
 photo 011-7_zps5dd37456.jpg
The Small Man wants to be "an artist" for his career day at school next week. TMOTH is making him a palette, and I made him a red beret.

Dinnertime - I managed to pull dinner together with pasta, vegetables, sausage, and stale hamburger buns!

The Lovely Daughter and her boyfriend made brownies, so we're just waiting for them to cool enough to eat!!

And now I'm sitting watching the country music awards, working on her quilt.

Nothing big today, just a day full of simple pleasures. I hope that you all had a lovely Sunday.

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