Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weeding day today

While at the city of Rockville's Science Day, I picked up a flyer on "Non-Native Invasive Plants." Hmmm. Wonder how many are in my yard?

Herbaceous plants:
1. Garlic Mustard - Yep. All over the dang yard.
2. Giant Reed - Hey, don't see that one yet!
3. Canada Thistle - yep. (sshhh. don't tell the state; I leave a few on purpose for the finches.)
4. Purple loosestrife - I think we may have some in the yard but it gets outcompeted by even more noxious weeds.
5. Nepalese browntop/Japanese stiltgrass - I'd have to check - it seems like we probably do have some.
6. Common reed - Nope, but we don't have a pond.
7. Japanese knotweed - Maybe?
8. Lesser celandine - Maybe?
9. Johnson grass - yes, but we don't seem to have a huge problem with it.
I would also add henbit, mock strawberry, hairy bittercress, and a few others whose names I don't know to this list. Also the small-leaved grassy weed that's taken over the garden.

1. Japanese barberry - I think we have some
2. Autumn olive - also looks familiar
3. bush honeysuckles
4. Belle honeysuckle
5. Amur honeysuckle
6. Morrow's honeysuckle
7.  Sweet breath of spring (another brand of honeysuckle)
8. Tartarian honeysuckle - honestly, I don't know what kinds of honeysuckle.we have, just that we have a LOT of it and are constantly fighting it. A quote from DD16 today: "Honeysuckle is AWFUL, and killing it is AWESOME." I couldn't agree more
9. Bamboo - running varieties - somehow we seem to have escaped this. We have a small clumping bamboo the previous owners planted, and it hasn't given us any trouble.
11. Wineberry - how something so pretty can be so invasive...if the fruit tasted better it wouldn't be so bad.

1. Norway maple - yep. At least the seed pods - so I'm constantly pulling up baby trees.
2. Tree of Heaven - AKA the Tree of Hell at my house.
3. Bradford Pear - thankfully, the idiots who owned the place before us do not seem to have planted any of these.

1. Five-leaved akebia - hmmm. seem to have avoided this one
2. Porcelain berry - starting to see these, need to nip them in the bud
3. Oriental bittersweet - got some of this
4. Climbing euonymus - Don't seem to have this
5. English Ivy - lots. Could be worse, I suppose.
6. Japanese honeysuckle - most definitely. I think this is what DD16 was taking such relish in demolishing this morning.
7. Mile-a-minute vine. My personal nemesis in the yard. My MIL called it "bindweed" and here locally it's also known as "Devil's tear-thumb." Both are apt descriptions!
8. Kudzu - haven't seen it here.
Even though they're native, I'd add poison ivy and Virginia creeper to this list that I am constantly fighting.

At any rate, we filled up at least eight yard trim bags. YAY! You can't actually tell that we made a dent, but I know the difference.

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