Friday, March 18, 2011

My new toy

Who wouldn't love a beautiful faux wood Formica cabinet?

Especially when it's chipped so you can see the fiberboard underneath?

Even more so that this amazing piece only cost me $35.95 plus tax?


Well, what if you open it up?

There's a hint of what's it all the way up and pull out the machine, and...


What a beauty! Mint and emerald green, barely a scratch, electric cords in good shape...


Not sure why there are two spool pins. I've found a grainy scan of a manual, and threaded it as best as I can figure out...and it kind of sews. There seems to be an issue with the feed dogs not engaging as fully as they should. I'll fiddle with it a little, and if I can't whip it into shape I'll take it to Jeff the miracle worker.

In actual sewing news, I'm working on a challenge: Blue, purple, and orange.

What? You don't see any orange? Just wait...I have over a week left!


Wacky Woman said...

I used to have White sewing machines. It seems I used to wind the bobbin on the other ones. Golly, been so long. Love that cabinet.

Lucky-1 said...

What an amazing find :D And green too.....lurv green things:)

Enjoy and have fun

Judy Laquidara said...

Great find and it's pretty!!

Unknown said...

Cute machine...great cabinet


Beeshebags said...

What a it'll be handy for finishing off the quilt if that's what the blue, orange and purple work ends up being.

Hope you get it all working properly soon.


Melissa ;-) said...

Good for you. Everyone should have one older machine like this. They are work horses and will sew through anything the new fangled machines won't touch!

icemaiden316 said...

What a great find Michele. I love the colours of it. My machine is a little bit of Turquoise blue on it, looks a lot better than plain white.
Hope you get it fixed so you can use it.