Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Piggy Info

Jill's having a year of the PIGS, and since I didn't answer the first March question (the first half of March was a blur!!) this one's a two-fer.

First, do I have my own sewing space? HAH. Ha, ha, hee, hee, ho, ho, ho. Maybe in another 10 years when the older two are done with college. No. So where do I sew?

1. I share part of the playroom. I have most of my quilting stuff stored in there, along with various other crafty bits. I have my grandmother's Hoosier cabinet in there, and it holds a bunch of stuff; a utility shelf, with bins for fabric; bins stashed behind the couch; bins stuffed under tables - you get the picture. My FashionMate resides in this room, but I don't use it much because the boys don't much like me sewing when they're on the computer or PlayStation or Wii.

2. I have more bins of material in the bedroom. This is where nearly all of the yarn lives as well. I also have my big cutting mat on the floor of the bedroom.

3. Most actual sewing gets done in the dining room. The Featherweight and little Brother live in there most of the time. I have a small rotating mat I keep in there, and a miniature ironing board and the iron.

4. There are also various sewing machines that need various amounts of work scattered around the rest of the house. Most are serving as end tables or computer tables.

Second, what would help be more creative? Without a doubt, better organization. It's just not something that comes naturally, and I hate spending time on putting stuff away when I could be doing something more fun.


Deanna said...

Children before sewing sounds like good prioritization to me. Your time will come.

Anonymous said...

I can remember times when I sewed in the living room and my fabric was in the laundry room or a closet. It's really nice when you get your own space.