Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Sweatshop

The annual costume extravaganza is over. The mid-kid had to have TWO costumes, since his dad thought up a great costume for him for his karate Halloween party.

The Lovely Daughter costume: a Dandy-Lion.

There was unbelievable angst this year about not buying a costume. Tears, shouting, the whole nine yards. The major problem I have is the incredible skimpiness of nearly all of the adult women's costume. Simply NOT appropriate for a teenage girl, no matter what the teenage girl thinks.

The Mid-Kid costume #1: Squire/Knight/Prince. [his idea, the one that went trick-or-treating]

The Mid-Kid costume #2: Mr. Derek, his karate instructor [his dad's idea] - the picture is of the mid-kid with the real Mr. Derek.

Small Man's costume: King De-de-de [a video game character]. This is at the KinderCare Halloween parade.

All kids together before trick-or-treating:

The trick-or-treating group [we picked up a couple more along the way]. This group has been going together for many years.

Much candy was acquired. I was the only casualty of the evening - my ankle went out from under me and I went down on a concrete path, scraping the heck out of my wrist.

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Juryizstillout said...

they are too cute! Love the costumes! So sorry about your ankle. I can feel for ya, I stepped in a pot hole last year and busted up my knee pretty bad.