Friday, November 27, 2009

A bit of work on ATC

Not much creativity around the house today - I continued picking up stuff, but mostly I watched the James Bond marathon on SyFy. (How stupid a name for a TV channel is that, anyway? When it was SciFi, I had no problems, but with SyFy, I want to pronounce it "siffy.") I did get the rest of the applique pieces for my ATC cut out and ready to go, and trimmed up about 3 more bases. Hopefully I will have enough done for the bases - otherwise I'll need to change the foot on the dang machine again.

I can't post any photos until the recipients get them - only little teasers, and that's no fun.

If I'm going to do the ornament exchange this year at Guild, I also need to get busy on that as well.

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