Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lessons learned

- It IS possible to stay ahead of the 4-year-old who wants to take out everything you put away (and also to sneak some things in the trash and not have him notice).
- Even when you poke holes in them, sometimes baked potatoes explode in the oven.
- When you use Beth's roll recipe and have your bread machine set on "quick bread" instead of "dough", you get bread that is very, very, very dense - but still edible.
- When your nine-patches want to be set with orange sashing, maybe you should listen to them.
- Survivor really is awful, and WHY is it on when Cold Case is supposed to be on? (Okay, that's a question, but the lesson is not to go sit at the computer until you're sure the program you thought would be on is really on.)
- Hiyao Miyazaki really is a genius, even after watching his movies over and over and over again.

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