Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad blogger, again

Well, I did finally get "Florida Dreaming" bound and off for judging. It wasn't picked, though :( We'll see at the show what they were looking for. The final:

"Stars and Stripes (and Butterflies)" is mostly quilted, but it has some black yuck on it that I really hope comes out in the wash, because I DO NOT want to applique stars at this point.
It has simple big stars quilted in the 9-patches, and linear quilting in the borders.

Some giveaways you might want to sign up for:
Over at WonderMommy, you'll find a fabric giveaway:


At Quilting on a Budget, a pattern book. (I really want this one!!)

And a cute, cute basket at Sibling Craftery.

All you blogs with popups? WHY??

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