Friday, January 16, 2009

Wasting time until 1 am so I can buy a damn shirt

TMOTH has been sent to Indianapolis for the weekend. While away, he requested that I upload his shirt design (done) and stay up until the new Woot shirt went on sale to buy it if it was the one he thought was going to be on sale. So I managed to wake up after falling asleep on the pull-out couch with the boys, and am now wasting time with an exercise found on Facebook (thanks, Megan!).

1. Google "[your name] needs":
"Michele needs help adjusting her body regularly, because sitting in one position makes her hips sore, but her body is too weak to move." (Wow. All of my problems certainly pale in comparison to ALS.)

2. Google "[your name] looks like":
"Michele looks like Dennis Rodman in drag." (Not even close.)

3. Google "[your name] likes":
"Michele Likes Cake." (True.)

4. Google "[your name] says":
"Take a look at what Michele says about IPA." (That would be the Institute for Public Administration at the University of Delaware.)

5. Google "[your name] wants":
"Michele wants a demo!" (Rarely. Just tell me what to do and let me figure it out for myself.)

6. Google "[your name] does":
"Michele does Dallas!" (Now, really. Would it be THAT hard to think up an original blog post title occasionally?)

7. Google "[your name] hates":
"Michele hates my new tube socks!" (Depends on WHOSE tube socks we're talking about.)

8. Google "[your name] can":
"Michele can be reached at (812) 988-0198. Her studio is located on Lost Lake Road." (This one is so cool. The link is for an article on Art in Science. Very interesting work, including fiber and mixed media.)

9. Google "[your name] goes":
"Michele Goes to Long Sand Beach" (I wish. It's in the single digits now here.)

10. Google "[your name] is":
"A little Michele is better than none at all." (And some would say better than a lot of Michele.)

11. Google "[your name] loves":
"Michele Loves Halloween.." (Just not as much as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Or Valentines Day.)

Well, that killed almost 15 minutes. If it wasn't so danged cold in the dining room I'd go piece something.


Colleen said...

That game was a lot of fun. It was interesting to see what exactly I needed, etc. Wish some of them were true.

Joan J said...

LOL! That's my kind of game! I'm going to have to give it a try... oh boy, one more way to waste time!