Saturday, January 03, 2009

Catching up

We had a wonderful vacation. Two trips to two beaches, photos from one beach:
The family:

My Beach Boys - these beach photos are pretty true color and will be used to pick fabric for the challenge quilt:

Super-amazing sandcastle:

My lovely daughter in the surf:

We spent a lot of time going through boxes of old stuff, and I came away with some treasures - the original manual for my Featherweight, a buttonholer attachment, and a zig-zag attachment with at least 8 stitch patterns. Plus a LOT of other stuff my brother didn't want - my grandmother was a magpie like me, although we did toss a lot of stuff as well. She clipped recipes from the newspaper - this was in the days before the internet - and probably 95% of those were tossed.

We also went on a gator hunt! My middle son at one time had decided that there were no alligators in the wild, so we went to find one. We saw lots of wood storks, some sandhill cranes, hawks, egrets, herons, and even a Florida deer. And a gator! about 7 feet - DB has yet to send me the grainy photo his photo-binoculars took.

If the Small Man hadn't shared his crud with everybody, it would've been a perfect vacation.

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Joan J said...

Ooooh...that beach looks so wonderful. I'm sitting here in sweater layered upon sweater, shivering -- and your photos made me long for warm weather and the beach! It looks like you and your family had a wonderful time. I'm jealous! LOL