Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy week

More like a week and a half since I last posted.

Our council meeting was last Friday - a wasted work day, but I finished a crocheted scarf from a ball of purple mohair I bought at the Sheep and Wool festival the first of the month. Friday night - hotdogs on the grill!

We spent most of Saturday outside, thanks to the Small Man. He would NEVER go inside if he had his way. My daughter had a friend over from Friday night, so we invited her mom over for dinner: cheese and crackers (with ham/turkey and some swell artichoke stuff) and sangria. Then, S'mores for dessert!

Sunday was a lazy day. I'm still worried about Lyme disease, as I have these bouts of fatigue and more than the usual joint pain. More grilling.

Monday, another lazy day. More grilling. And odd stomach pains.

Tuesday. Started a food diary to figure out if the GI issues have anything to do with food sensitivities.

Today. The tween's band concert was tonight. Middle school bands sound a LOT better than elementary school bands. DH cooked - tacos, yeah! I managed to twist my neck/back getting Small Man into his carseat, so I took Advil and am finishing off the rest of the sangria.

When we got home this afternoon, both cats were staring at the recycling bin, and loud "CHEEPs" were coming from the bin. I was a afraid it was a baby bird - we have a nest of starlings up under the roofline - but it was a chipmunk. We got the cats into the house, trapped in the bathroom, then took the apparently healthy chipmunk out to the high grass and let him/her go.

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