Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bird wrangler

An addition to my list of domestic titles.

We have starlings that nest under the eaves. We definitely need to fix this, since they get into the attic. (But we're soft-hearted, so no kicking out the baby birds to do it.)

This morning, my middle kid says, "Mom, there's a bird upstairs." Sure enough, one of the adult starlings is flying around my second floor. I open the window next to the sewing machine and out s/he goes.

This afternoon, my husband says, "There's a bird upstairs." Judging by the down still remaining, this was one of the fledgelings. I opened the stairwell window a bit to open the storm window, and the bird flew up into the space. Rather than try to open the storm, I just grabbed it and carried it out. My daughter (12) is all excited - "I want to see it before you let it go!" So we go outside, look at the bird, let it go. She then looks at me and says very seriously, "You should really go wash your hands now." So I did. No more birds yet this evening.

I brought the iris quilt in from the car trunk so I can re-do the binding. It really needs to get done before guild on Monday.

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Darling Jill Quilts said...

Very cool! And your daughter is one smart cookie to get you to wash your hands. :)