Sunday, March 23, 2008

On vacation!

Today was our first full day in Florida.

We left at a reasonable time on Friday, ~11-ish, and drove until about 9:30, stopped just over the Georgia line at a suites hotel in the Hyatt chain (starts with H - I want to say Hereford, but I KNOW that's wrong). Got up, had a YUMMY breakfast, and left a little after 8. We arrived in LaBelle just after 4 pm.

Came over to Clewiston. J & S had bug-bombed the house, so there were dead roaches all over. The tween was freaked, but eventually calmed down.

I made the Wal-Mart run for coffee and Easter supplies. Came back, filled baskets, went to bed.

This morning, got up, went in to make coffee - no coffeemaker. Find out later it was moved to the office (it's back in the house now). Go to Clock restaurant for bad coffee. Kids eat lots of candy and we go back to LaBelle. J & S have brought 3-year-old grand-daughter, K, back with them. K is 6 months older than MY toddler, and they (amazingly) had a wonderful time together all day.

We went to church (other than TMOTH) with J & S in the morning. The International Christian Fellowship church is a pentecostal church but not as holy-roller as I remember the Assembly of God from my college years being. My daughter, who mostly goes to church with her best friend, was a little taken aback. The church at least gives me hope that integration (real integration) will happen in my lifetime. The pastor is Filipino, the youth pastor is Mexican, and the congregation is mixed.

The crowd is coming over here tomorrow, and we'll figure out what to do then. It's been raining - hopefully it'll stop so we can go to the beach.


Jen said...

I'm so with the 'tween. I would have freaked out as well. Bugs...dead or alive are reason enough for me to freak!! I'm glad though that they were dead!!

Have fun!!

Deb (vtquilter) said...

Dead bugs, yuck! Hope the rain stopped and you can get outside and have fun.