Sunday, April 10, 2022

Sunday Stash Report, April 10

No report last week; nothing in or out.

The only fabric out this week was 9-patches made for our guild's service projects, since I'm not in the mood to weigh the trash this week. 12 12.5 inch blocks = 1.3 yards.

I also picked up a kit for this year's Service Projects challenge, for a medallion quilt. That's already started, but it added 3.5 yards to the stash.

This week's thrift shop yielded a few finds. First, a crochet book.

Some bags of floss, a couple of strings of beads, and straight pins.

A milk glass creamer and sugar (no lid unfortunately). Totally goes in the craft budget since I use the milk glass pieces to hold sewing stuff.

Spending this week: $9.25

Total spending this year: $125.29

Fabric in this week: 3.5 yards

Fabric in this year: 13.48 yards

Fabric out this week:  1.3 yards 

Fabric out this year: 22.12 yards

Net: 8.64 yards OUT

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