Tuesday, January 05, 2021

New year, New goals

 Welp, last year's blogging was mostly a bust.

Here's to more consistency this year!

Sewing goals: Mostly, sew every day.

Sew a block a day if possible.

Use the stash.

Finish projects.

First new project: The first Project Quilting challenge - https://kimlapacek.com/2021/01/12-1-illuminating-ultimate-gray-challenge-1-of-project-quilting-season-12.html

My personal constraints for the PQ challenge this year are: 1. Use orphan blocks, and 2. Add buttons

The first pieced background is here:

These were the orphan blocks that started it-  I added an additional piece to make them long enough, then sliced in half-ish.

Applique is currently in progress.

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RAnn said...

Pretty. I've resolved to keep my book blog up more.