Sunday, March 22, 2020

Project Quilting 11.6 - Vibrant & Vivacious

The final Project Quilting challenge is "Vibrant & Vivacious."

I decided to make a tote bag - because who doesn't need more tote bags?

To start - sewing strips as a base. I was going to do a rainbow, but those first colors of pink and orange really grabbed me, so I went with it. Simple wavy lines quilted, with masking tape to keep them in order.

POCKETS for the lining! 

Sewing it all together

Sewing up the turning hole in the lining

The PERFECT button from the button stassh.

A view from the top.

 A little reinforcing for the straps. One of the sides of one strap is a little wonky/angular, but it's still functional.

A bright new tote to love.

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The Joyful Quilter said...

Well, THAT should certainly put some cheer in your day!! LOVE it!