Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday Stash January 27, 2019Pat

Linking to quiltpaintcreate for the Sunday stash report.

I don't think I lasted very long last year at this; we'll see how it goes this year! I'm not sure if starting this late is a good omen or a predictor of things to come.

I actually have a few finishes so far this year. I've re-joined the 52 week sewing challenge, so that gets something done every week - this week it was the phone rest I posted earlier. And Project Quilting will get a few things done - two small quilts so far.

Finishes so far this year:
Christmas trees mini-quilt - .15 yards
 Hope the turtle - .22 yards
Catbus - .26 yards

Guitar pick bag - .05 yards
Patriotic heart- .09 yards
Phone rest - .06 yards
Grand total:  .83 yards

And I haven't *bought* any craft supplies, but I won two fat quarters at the January guild meeting, and brought home a trash bag full of really nice yarn from a knitting buddy today.

Used last week:                        0.83 yards
Used year to date:                    0.83 yards
Added last week:                      0.50 yards
Added year to date:                  0.50 yards
Net used year to date:               0.33 yards

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