Thursday, March 15, 2018

I Like Thursdays 2018, Week #11

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I like pie! Yesterday was pi day (which is easily translated to Pie day) so I made a strawberry pie. It was delicious.

I like quilt shows. Last weekend we went to the Southern Comforters' show, in Bowie.
SO MANY beautiful quilts. Here's a little eye candy.

I like stash enhancement, but managed to control myself :) Needles,one book, and other oddities at the guild's yardsale section, and one fat quarter of Dr. Seuss.

The day before that was Mulch Day for the boy scouts. I like that the Small Man is getting $$ for his scout account, and it was actually satisfying to know we'd delivered a  huge mountain of mulch- but my shoulders are still killing me!!

Both boys started the day- but the karate kid went home with a nosebleed after a few hours.

Loading the delivery trucks.

The "big truck." I was one of the chase cars for this truck, following it around so we could all pile out and carry the bags of mulch up to the houses for delivery.

Just chillin' between deliveries.

And this one is weird- but I like hornet's nests. The Small Man noticed this one over the weekend- we didn't know it was there last summer, when it would've been active. 
I posted a photo on Facebook, and got lots of questions about calling exterminators.

Well, no.

We have a live-and-let-live attitude here for stinging insects - as long as they're not right by the house so we can't avoid them, we leave them alone. I did notice we had a lot of hornets around the compost pile last year, but they really aren't aggressive and didn't bother me.
The architecture in those nests is amazing.


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Michele,
It looks like you got some good bargains at the guild's yard sale! I have some of that Dr. Seuss fabric. That looks like a LOT of unloading of the mulch. We got a huge load of loose mulch in 2013, and we had to shovel it all around the garden beds. I shoulder has never been the same after a whole day of doing that. Geez! I still can't sleep on that arm the way I used to. Your strawberry pie looks delicious! I should have made one to celebrate - we love pie. ~smile~ Roseanne

Michele McLaughlin said...

Hi Michele! Love your post and seeing all the wonderful quilts! What a great variety of pieces! It was wonderful seeing the scouts at work. You have a great day!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

You are so right, wasps nests are amazing. I've featured one very large one on my was at the back end of the old house and we left it alone till the winter came and then took it down.
Quilt shows are always amazing. So much stitching talent.
Oh my dogs are barking at something...gotta run.

Miaismine said...

Your attitude towards stinging insects makes sense - most of the time they do leave us alone. Sounds like you had a busy day with your deliveries! Beautiful quilt show photos!

Sandy said...

I love that quilt that looks like woven plaid/tweed. I am glad you showed the detail photo, because I was wondering if it was striped fabric or pieced for those blocks.
Wasps nests are pretty cool, aren't they. We had the ivy removed from our house a few months ago and there were several wasps nest in there.
What they call wasps here are more like yellow jackets in America, but not so yellow.

LA Paylor said...

those quilts were great. I love the pink leaves, and that colorful sunburst one made with diamonds? You were very judicious with supplies! Wish I could have gone with you to the show. It made me a bit nostalgic to hear about it. LeeAnna

PaintedThread said...

That pie looked good. Oh, those quilts are wonderful! The quilting on that blue string quilt is neat! Thanks for sharing.

Angie in SoCal said...

What a hornets' nest! I'm afraid of them cuz when I was around ten years old, 8 of them bit me in the neck and I almost went to the hospital from the venom. Ugh. Lovely quilt show. Thanks!