Monday, February 12, 2018

Sunday Stash Report - February 11 (only one day late this week!)

Linking up  to quiltpaintcreate for the Sunday stash report., a day late

Used this week:           1.25 yards
Used year to date:     10.35 yards
Added this week:        19.20 yards
Added year to date:    32.20 yards


Balance:                     21.85 yards ADDED

Spent this week:       $   15.00
Spent this year:        $ 166.22

Made this week:
Some pink pajama shorts, ~1 yard

A beaded heart in the colors of the bisexual pride flag, ~0.25 yards:

I have a few more in the works- the trans pride heart is sewn and stuffed but not beaded; the rainbow heart is quilted and cut out but that's all; the traditional red-and-white is pieced but that's all, and pinks are on the cutting table. I also plan a human rights flag-themed heart as well.

Added this week:

There was free fabric at the guild meeting on Monday. I came home with ~6.4 pounds of fabric. There doesn't seem to be an easy conversion, but the most common number I saw was 3 yards per pound - which would mean 19.2 yards of fabric. EEK.

Lots of FQ; the biggest piece is the red floral at ~3 yards.

Also some embroidery hoops, a skein of yarn, some thread, and some chalk that I need a holder for. There was a vintage pattern and nearly-completed apron.

The $$ was for a new cutting mat and a pencil box.

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