Sunday, March 05, 2017

Well-Dressed Man–Challenge 5 of Project QUILTING Season 8

I don't think that a man needs  to wear a tie to be well-dressed - but sometimes a well-dressed man wears a tie.  And sometimes that tie is a bow tie.

I made this little block quilt for Challenge 5 of Project QUILTING  over at Kim Lapacek's Persimmon Dreams. Overall size is six inches square. The body is some suiting fabric I found in the stash. And if you're going to do a bow tie, it might as well be paisley!

I'm sure people already do this - but when I was fiddling with a folded square to make sure I'd have the right size  triangle for the knot of the bow tie, I discovered that I could just fold it and sew it in! It gives the bow tie a little bit of dimension.


mcwflint said...

I did a bow tie block too -- starting with 5 same-size patches to get the folded center. I love how yours turned out.

PersimonDreams said...

Love this! And the dimensional element is great!

RAnn said...

This is probably one of those "obviously from a non-quilter" questions, but what do you do with one-off blocks like that? It's pretty, I love the detail, stitching and texture, but what do you do with it now?