Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Second Prairie Moon Challenge

The second challenge is:

Organize ALL our UFOs

I've made a good start on this - UFOs are listed in the sidebar as I think of them/find them. In previous years, I've made lists - and then lost track of them. Hopefully by keeping them on the blog, I can keep better track of them.

I'm up to 19 so far :) AND, I still like all of them and want to finish them! They're more due to life getting in the way, rather than hitting roadblocks. Although in a few cases, the roadblock is actually *finding* the UFO - I know it's hidden in the bins, but don't know where.

I've joined Stashbusters UFO Challenge again this year - that will keep me accountable.

1 comment:

RAnn said...

The names of those quilts intrigue me; would love to see them when they are done (that's WHEN, not if)