Sunday, March 08, 2015

2015 Stash Report Week 10

Yards in: 0
Yards out: 3.1
Cumulative yards in: 3.5
Cumulative yards out:  7.4
Net gain/loss: 3.9 USED

Spending since last post: $25.26
Spending this year: $53.14

This is Gridlock:
It should look familiar - it's very like my niece's quilt. I always intended to make a smaller version, but got spurred to a finish by our quilt guild's yearly challenge - it fits the challenge!

Final size 39 x 44 so ~ 2.7 yards total

I made a pillowcase - 19 x 26, so ~0.4 yards busted

$1.26 for thread on one trip
~$12 for thread on another trip
$12 at the thrift shop


Kalicocreations said...

Very nice, love those colors!

MartiDIY said...

Very pretty quilt. It reminds me of a stained glass window.

Kate said...

Very pretty! Great stash busting too!

Dar said...

I like our grid lock quilt. It looks like a fun, easy top to make on a cloudy day.

cityquilter grace said...

very nice!