Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thank you, Kathi! (and an update)

Lat month, I was the winner of the Linky Loot at the monthly Laundry List on Kathi's Design Originals blog.

I'm finally getting around to posting the goodies :)
I told her I was working on a red/white/black quilt [on the list below!] and was a sucker for any kind of button. for my 9-patches, red for my snowball corners, and lovely vintage buttons to feed my addiction!

Thank you, Kathi - mostly for hosting the linky party, which keeps me at least somewhat externally accountable, but also for the thrill of a squishy envelope in the mail.

So, updating my list for November...

1. Finish crocheted baby blanket. Done!!

New #1 project: Cross-stitch picture of a sewing room. I've gotten this started - I keep it at work and use it to force myself to relax during my lunch break.

2. Work on blue-yellow quilt. I have a couple of blocks picked out.

3. Work on red-white-black quilt. I've found the bin, but that's all.

4. Work on applique quilt. Maybe another block or 2?

5. Make bibs. I either need to find the pattern I made, or re-make it from the drawing in my idea book. Not yet.

6. Continue menu planning. Not as consistently as I'd like, but working on it.

7. Spend at least 5 minutes EVERY DAY going through crafty stuff. Falling behind on this!

8. Finish t-shirt quilt. It's almost completely put together; I found another t-shirt that will work better than one of the squares that's already done, so I need to replace it. Done! I never replaced the last square but it's finished and it looks just fine.

9. Keep working on hooked rug. I've slowed down on this..

10. Find the orange fabric I need to finish the galaxy wallhanging. I found some, not sure if it's enough. I need to cut those squares.

11. Chart the Lovely Daughter's sorority letters for a needlepoint pillow. DONE!
New #11: Start working on the needlepoint pillow!

12. Stay off computer games. Most days! Not cold turkey yet, but I'm getting better at noticing when I'm going down the rabbit hole and getting OFF, which is at least better than staying on.


Deb A said...

Progress is good! Too funny about three link ups to be at my two =)

Design Originals by KC said...

Michele, So happy you are keeping up your list and making such wonderful progress.. I love your wide range of crafting abilities too! Also glad you liked your LInky Loot! Kathi