Sunday, June 15, 2014

014 Stash Report - Week 24

Yards in: 10
Yards out: 0.8
Cumulative yards in: 15.4
Cumulative yards out: 15.6
Net gain/loss: 0.2 USED

Spending since last post: $44.20
Spending this year: $142.45

The 0.8 finished was for a wallhanging I'm calling Psychedelic Fall.

And I really fell off the wagon this week:)

I spent the afternoon yesterday at the Annapolis Quilt Guild show. I was able to meet up "someone I met on the internet," the lovely Lee Anna from Not Afraid of Color.

I had a wonderful time walking around the show and talking about the quilts, and, well, shopping. Lee Anna and I talked some about the need for *scraps* that we both share, and I mostly bought things from the guild's leftover shop:
A total of 8 yard of material in this photo! As well as three spools of green pearl cotton. The orange with cute animals was a vendor purchase, 1.5 yards for a kid's quilt. The rest are mostly FQ with a patch-sized chunk missing (or not), with a couple of smaller bits.

Earlier this month, my own guild had a yard sale after the meeting. Not as much there called to me:
A panel with Olivia and 6 FQ.
Spending was $4 for my own guild's shop, 11.66 at the Annapolis guild's "yard sale," $9.54 for new fabric at Annapolis, $10 quilt show admission, and about $9 for gas to Annapolis.

And to take this pictures? Cookie had to be moved from the bed. TMOTH didn't make the bed when he got up this morning, so when I got upstairs to take photos I found this:

He did not approve of being moved.

Halfway through taking pictures, he jumped back on the bed, being ostentatious about showing me his tail end.

He then found a spot and was obvious about licking himself after the ordeal of being dumped off the bed.

And then by the time I finished, he was back asleep.

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Unknown said...

My family has never really quilted, but my mom is a very talented seamstress. I really need to learn the basics before kids come along, because I want to sew all their Halloween costumes. :)